Spirit in the Wind

Plains Native American Pottery Replicas

Our pottery is completely hand-made in the "old way". No potter's wheel or kiln is used. We utilize native clays that we process ourselves, and employ various tedious hand  techniques of construction. While this time consuming process is not geared
towards mass production, it does however lend itself to replicating the tremendous craftsmanship, and beautiful primitive art,
of a pre-historic era. All our pots are personally signed with the Rh symbol, and come with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Pottery first came into existence in Nebraska nearly 2000 yrs ago at the end of the Archaic period (hunter-gatherers), and ushered in the beginning of the Woodland period, with an increased dependence on agriculture. They were used both as cooking utensils and as storage containers.

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Some of our primitive pit fired plains replica pottery vessels.