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Rick testing his replica buffalo hide bullboat at Archeology Days at the Prehistoric Indian Village, Mitchell, S.D.


BCXI   11th Annual Beaver Creek Knap In & Primitive Skills Gathering Sep 14, 15, 16,    2012

Click here for BCXII,  12th annual Beaver Creek Knap-In & Primitive Skills Gathering Information

Please note the new knap-in  location at the Hamilton Buffalo Ranch southwest of Stuart, Nebraska
Click here for map to ranch location where knap-in is held


Click here for more Plant DVD info including pricing

New!!  10 yrs in production!

A 3 volume DVD set

Nearly 100 plants

Gives visual identification,
edible, medicinal, and
utilitarian uses of plants
and trees

Each volume has an easy
to use "Usage Index"

Gives Latin, common, and
general Native American
name translations

Approximately 3 1/2 hours in length

The only DVD set of its kind in the midwest region

Many of the plants extend from Texas to Canada

Useful for professional ethnobotanists, botanists, herbalists, as well as avocationals interested in plant identification and usage



Click on the Nebraska Archaeology Society logo below to link to their site. Some great info on artifacts, as well as  membership to the NAS. Membership to the NAS also includes membership to the Central States Archaeological  Society, which publishes the  quarterly Central States Archaeological Journal. Both are great organizations.


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 Annual Nebraska Archaeological Society Show August 2012
Seward, Nebraska

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(We will be doing the flintknapping demo; hope to see you there)

About Us:

We at Spirit in the Wind are dedicated to the saving and re-discovery of some of the nearly extinct primitive skills technologies, such as brain-tanning, flintknapping, pottery, ethnobotany, and more. We endeavor to accomplish this task through experimental archaeology and painstaking research.  We are available for consultations, commissioned museum and display replications, replications for experimental archaeology, and also educational presentations.

"First Nebraskans Living History Programs",  are specially designed educational programs for school groups, youth organizations, camps, Lewis and Clark events, and other groups, which offer hands on living history implementing some of our hand made replicas from Nebraska's past, all of which are thoroughly researched to be historically accurate in every detail. 

Families, individuals, and groups can experience a day in the life of the 1800's Plains Indians,  with actual hands-on cultural learning classes, viewing and photographing our buffalo herd and other wildlife, while staying in a replica Sioux tipi or our modern log sided cabin at our pristine Sandhills ranch location. Learn to identify native plants and their uses by the Plain's Native Americans. Contact us for details.

 Individuals and groups may participate in one of our unique Native American Skills Workshops  while utilizing hands-on training with natural materials from the earth to unlock the ancient secrets of the past. Some of the classes covered will include;  flintknapping,  overnight tipi stays, firemaking, tools and weapons, edible, herbal, and medicinal uses of plants, primitive pottery making, cordage making, and much more.

NEW !!   Firemaking short videos
Abo Flintknapping Tutorials
by Rick Hamilton

Our flintknapping pictorials on abo flintknapping and abo reduction techniques are featured in several museums around the country

Click here for a flintknapping pictorial on abo flintknapping


Click here for a flintknapping pictorial on abo reduction techniques

Click here for primitive handrill friction fire demo video

Click here for primitive bowdrill friction fire demo video

Firemaking videos were recorded at the Third Sunday Archeology Program titled,  "Primitive Technologies:Pathways to the Past", presented by Rick Hamilton at Augustana College, Sioux Falls, S.D. Elapsed time to ember on bow drill was 14 seconds, and 37 seconds on the hand drill.



A great new book by Bob Patten, one of the top abo flintknappers in the country. Click on the order form to be directed to Bob's site for ordering info. Bob has done educational knapping presentations for me at our annual Beaver Creek Knap-In & Primitive Skills Gathering for the past eight years, and has been a guiding force in my quest to unlock the secrets of the ancients.

(click on the photos below for more info and pictures on each subject)

Award winning limited edition nature & wildlife photo gallery with prints for sale

A photo gallery of a few plants selected from our DVD's
"Identification & Usage of Plants-as Practised by the Plains Native Americans"

A replica Lakota parfleche bag. Click on pic to view our photo gallery of some of our Native American reproductions

A replica Central Plains cord-paddle pot . Click on pic to view a photo gallery of some of our

Wilderness Weekend Getaway
combined with fun and educational cultural heritage skills workshops

Click here for info &
pics of some outstanding
abo knappers
including Bob Patten,
Marty Rueter

Mike Dothagers
Rocker Punch Video

Japanese Hide Tanning
Videos - Translations

Spirit in the Wind Flintknapping Gallery

A brief how-to pictoral overview of abo flintknapping

"Abo Knappers"



"For every part of the past that is lost; there is a piece of the
future that will never be attained." 
(@rnh 09/08/96)

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